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Welcome to Locksmith Steilacoom, a small but reliable business focused in making you feel safe and sound. Our job is to provide a dependable locksmith service and the appropriate products to fill your security needs. We offer an extensive variety of security hardware including simple locks all the way up to sophisticated security systems. With over ten years in the locksmithing industry, our mission is to give you the means you need to feel protected wherever you are, be it in the office, your home or your car.


Though being opened in 2005, Locksmith Steilacoom has earned a loyal customer base, most of it thanks to our founder, Peter Ryan, whose extensive experience as a handyman gave him an unmatched dexterity and skill. He also served the military for years and gained the knowledge to make a place secure, and to keep his friends and dears safe.

After giving it some deep thought, he said he wanted to build his own business, one that would make him feel like he felt while working with his comrades, a feeling that they were protected despite not being home. His deeds were so well known in the community that his greatest work came a few months after the opening. The Joint Base Lewis–McChord asked Locksmith Steilacoom to upgrade the locking systems and the surveillance devices of the facility.

He underwent additional training at the Associated Locksmith of America; he earned his certification and is an active member. Today he directs a trainee program to teach the new generations of locksmiths of Steilacoom.

Today, Locksmith Steilacoom is a family with three agencies, 12 employees and a fleet of 4 mobile units completely stocked and ready to go. We’re here for you when you need us, so call us whenever you have a question about locks.